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Friday, 27 March 2015


Holla world!!! Im back again as ermm you know what?? I miss him damn much. Yeah, i know i just stop fighting. I know this is not me. I wish that i know why he acts like that. Definetely, its hard for me to stop thinking about him and yes my mistake too. I never should be interfere in his life. I never mean sayang. I dont know even he said that he don't love me anymore, i still hoping that he can give me a reason why he do that to me. I want to fight for him but at the same time i think that he's never be able to like me back. Am i too obssed  with him? No! Im not obssed with him. I cared about him. I know he's such a good person. I just hope he realize that he meant everything to me. I want hanafi back. Hanafi that always make me laugh with his lawak tak jadi and i think he try so hard to make me laugh because i dont easily laughing at someone joke. Doesnt mean that i never laughing at all. Certain thing. He always marah me because of my stupidity. But i dont care. I want to annoy him for the rest of my life. Maybe now, he's dating with someone else. It take time for me to move on. Im sorry for loving you too much sayang. I just hope that you be happy with whoever that make you happy. To be honest, im loyal to you since we met until now. You are the only one im thinking for spending our old days together. Never treat yourself that you never enough for somebody else. Kita boleh cari jalan sama2 utk mengubah hidup kita. I really do love you. Own that. You're kind, you re you. I love you because you are what yourself. Bad or good, saya dah nampak semua tu. I just hope we can figure it out to everything that we do. Im wait for you to gibe me the answer one day. Sye selalu doakan awak. Itu jelah kekuatan sye. Even kita tak contact lagi, you're always in my heart. Ingat! Ada org sentiasa doakan kebaikan awk. See you one day.

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